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Anapnoe Resort (an″ap-noē′) [ ana- + -pnoē′] noun a.na.pno.ˈi /anapnoˈi/ feminine
1. Respiration. 2. Restoration of breath.
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Anapnoe Resort Our resort offers you an unparalleled luxury experience,
we have top quality customer service and strive to meet every need you have.
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Welcome To Paros Kite Anapnoe

Luxury Resort & Rooms

Anapnoe’ is the first and only accommodation right on the shores of the kitespot that draws kitesurfing and windsurfing lovers from all over the world. Αn intimate complex of 8 rooms, Anapnoe’ is purposefully designed for those who are driven by their passion for water sports, those who are guided by the wind and the sea.

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For those who cannot stay disconnected for too long, we provide our guests with free fast and reliable wifi connection.


Our lounge area is more than simply a space- it’s an experience. Simply put, allow yourself to be entirely immersed in a place where memories are made...


Paroskite offers an abundant breakfast buffet full of delicious, freshly made provisions.

Open Kitchen Area

Our kitchen space is available for use throughout the day, as is our vegetable garden right outside of the guest rooms.