Amenities & Services

Breakfast & Open Kitchen area

Paroskite offers an abundant breakfast buffet full of delicious, freshly made provisions. The buffet is served in our open concept kitchen area, designed with hand-selected materials to create an atmosphere of Cycladic harmony, blending in beautifully with the surrounding environment and natural terrain of the premises.

Our kitchen space is available for use throughout the day, as is our vegetable garden right outside of the guest rooms. Guests can freely pick our fresh, local ingredients for personal use as desired. The kitchen area is also equipped with two open barbeques that are ready to grill.

For many, preparing a delectable meal is the path to engaging their passion … and sharing that meal brings people together. The lack of barriers in the kitchen and surrounding area is an intentional choice towards that end.


Our lounge area is more than simply a space- it’s an experience. Gather with friends and fellow guests to share a refreshing drink, a thoughtful idea or some lighthearted laughter. Simply put, allow yourself to be entirely immersed in a place where memories are made…

The Anapnoe garden

If you want to get near natures bounty and eat home grown vegetables, we have you covered. Our garden provides our visitors with sweet and organic flavours picked by their own hands and the kids love it to.