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  • Pounda Paros - Greece


Paros Kite Resort

(an″ap-noē′) [ ana- + -pnoē′] 1. Respiration. 2. Restoration of breath.

Anapnoe’ is the first and only accommodation right on the shores of the kitespot that draws kitesurfing and windsurfing lovers from all over the world. Αn intimate complex of 8 rooms, Anapnoe’ is purposefully designed for those who are driven by their passion for water sports, those who are guided by the wind and the sea.
Defined as high end water sports boutique hotel, Anapnoe’ features a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional decor. The use of natural, endemic textures throughout the premises makes the accommodation experience ideal for lovers of nature. And all 8 rooms nesting in a garden full of flowers and trees allows for maximum tranquility, from indoors to outdoors of the accommodation.

Our goal is to make each day of your vacation simple, easy but unforgettable. Anapnoe’ is the place to catch your breath; the morning before your adventure starts, or the evening when the passing day is soaking and you can’t help but smile.

After all, it is true what they say – if you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it…