In Greek mythology, Aethra or Aithra (Ancient Greek: Αἴθρα, pronounced [ǎi̯tʰra], English: /ˈiːθrə/, the "bright sky") was a daughter of King Pittheus of Troezen and the mother of Theseus (his father was King Aegeus of Athens, or in some versions, Poseidon) and of Clymene (by Hippalces). Aethra was also called Pittheis after her father Pittheus.
2 Adults & 2 Kids
Sea View
Private Veranda

‘Aethra’ is our largest accommodation featuring two rooms at a combined 55m2.  One room features a double bed suitable for couples while the second room has two single beds suitable for children (or single friends!). Aethra is on the ground floor with a spacious main veranda with sea views and a smaller second veranda facing the port of Pounda. Free kite storage facilities, private yoga mats for your daily routine and mini room projector with roll down screen for a private summer cinema experience come as standard.

All of our rooms are located just behind the Paros Kite surf centre on Pounta Beach with uninterrupted views to the sea and the nearby island of Antiparos. All guests have access to our open kitchen and BBQ area, a common outdoor lounge area to trade stories and experiences with your fellow visitors and free access to the surrounding gardens full of indigenous Greek flowers and trees.

Room Amenities

2 Adults & 2 Kids
Sea View
Private Veranda
COCO-MAT Bedding
Air Conditioning
Daily Cleaning Service
Ceiling Fan
Bathroom Linen
Private Kite Storage
Safe Box
  • Breakfast in the open breakfast area
  • Two open bbqs available to all our guests
  • Private yoga mats available for your daily routines
  • Free use of the open kitchen and the kitchen utensils throughout the day
  • Laundry Service available (Extra charge)
  • Mini portable projectors with electric rolled screens (hidden when not in use). Plug in or connect wirelessly with your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Room Gallery

Let Your Adventure Begin

Αn intimate complex of 7 rooms, Anapnoe features a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional decor and is right on the shores of Pounda Beach that draws kitesurfing and windsurfing lovers from all over the world. Contact us to start planning your Paros adventure!